A Hearing I N V I T A T I O N   T O    A   H E A R I N G
Saturday March 10, 2007 from 3-5 pm
Institute of Contemporary Art (mezanine)
118 South 36th Street, Philadelphia, PA

      The Coalition of Inquiry into the State of the Future (herein referred to as "The Coalition") alleges that language used in certain documents of public and journalistic record (attached), and written with the intention of informing a general public as to the nature of certain subjects (below), bears a spurious and suspicious relationship to the truth.

The Coalition further alleges such language has the potential of causing harm through false representation, through the perpetration of an illusion of participatory democracy, and through other forms of harm to be assessed. The subjects allegedly misrepresented by said language include but are not restricted to the following:

  • I) The nature and demographics of the city of Philadelphia
  • II) The transparent and participatory nature of certain institutions and current and future initiatives associated with the city of Philadelphia
  • III) The condition for artists and cultural workers in the city of Philadelphia.
  • IV) The condition and status of working people and/or residents of the city of Philadelphia.
  • V) The nature of democracy and democratic process
The Coalition is therefore conducting a public HEARING in order to gather facts, information and testimony from parties responsible for the propagation and circulation of the allegedly misrepresentative language, and to hear testimony by witnesses and by parties that might be affected by mischaracterizations of Philadelphia, its political processes, its cultural and other workers and residents and its future possibilities.


You are INVITED to appear as a Witness to provide testimony and/or information relating to this investigation.

As a Witness you will be granted the floor to offer a 2 minute prepared statement addressing the concerns of the Inquiry, if you should so wish. Following this introductory statement, you will be requested to answer questions posed by the investigative panel. You will be asked to provide the following documentation in connection with your ___________________________________________________

DOCUMENTS CITED AS EVIDENCE Gallery Notes: Locally Localized Gravity Jenelle Porter, Elyse Gonzales and Naomi Beckwith Help make Philly the Next Great City Chris Satullo Philadelphia Inquirer, Dec 3, 2006 Professor Harbors 'Great Expectations' for Philly Jewish Exponent, March 1, 2007

Building the School of the Future and School of the Future: Understand the Vision- Microsoft website publication http://www.microsoft.com/education/schooloffuture.mspx

The Next Great City: Philly, Really Andrew Nelson, National Geographic Traveler, October 2005

F U R T H E R   I N F O R M A T I O N

The proceedings will be used for fact-finding and the taking of testimony to investigate specific allegations:

That language in the cited documents of public and journalistic record potentially misrepresents the activities, intentions and circumstances of the agents and groups indicated in said documents.

That language used in cited documents to describe certain activities, programs and initiatives is vague in its claims of who is to benefit from said activities, programs and initiatives, and in what way. Such language, through its implication that activities, programs and initiatives are for the benefit of a majority of the population might, if proven fraudulent in intent, facilitate the diversion of public funding, without recourse.

That language and/or the particular words and/or the context of the words used in the documents (cited below) either deliberately conceal information or misrepresent scientific facts or actual demographic figures and calculations.