fragments of a strike

re-speaking the san francisco state 1968 walkout

Before the 5 month strike that began in November 1968, students and faculty at San Francisco State college had a considerable degree of power and autonomy. The experimental college at State became the model for experimental colleges and free universities around the country. The successful struggle for a black studies and ethnic studies department was initiated in the communities before finding its expression at the college- Among the legacies most cited- the establishment of black studies and ethnic studies department- the strike also forced the revision of admissions policies to be more inclusive.

The strike is a complex study of solidarity, power, endurance, and agency; gains and also losses. It raises questions about the current moment-- as schools are increasingly crippled by budget cuts and compromised by corporate desires.

In this workshop, participants will read and re-speak recorded archives and other forms of documentation to consider the relationship between politics and education this history brings to bear on today.

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