San Diego, United States/ Tijuana Mexico.

Collaboration with Nicole Cousino

For this sound project we solicited audio works via the internet concerning the United States/ Mexican border, with an implicit question as to the global nature of border and immigration issues. We also constructed a make-shift recording studio at the beach in Tijuana, where we recorded the statements of participants and passersby at an activist gathering.

Each segment was under 5 minutes in length and was introduced and formally framed by an individual title; Border Report Los Panchos, Border Reports Fresno, California. The material, which included sound art, music, songs, statements and testimonials, was edited on site into a 74 minute CD that was subsequently broadcast via a public address system mounted on top of a car. By transmitting as the car crossed the border, we were able to "delete the border," allowing sound to cross where bodies can not.

The CD is currently available by making a donation to the San Diego chapter of La Resistencia: